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Everyone ends up somewhere the question is where. The Goals and Vision Mastery Course provides you with skills to get what you want but much more. Discover your purpose by learning how to create a vision that will inspire answers to four life challenges: Les Brown (Author, Narrator), Jim Rohn (Author, Narrator), Zig Ziglar (Author, Narrator), Jack Canfield (Author), & 2 more

The Ultimate Self Confidence Master Course Library: Confidence Will Get You Anything You Want. Confidence will get you anything you want. Leaders in every field have it. You need it. You have it. The confidence you must have to win can improve once we learn skills from Nightingale Conant's ultimate library of experts and best-selling authors.  Original recording Brian Tracy (Author, Narrator), Denis Waitley (Author, Narrator), Jim Rohn (Author, Narrator), Wayne Dyer (Author, Narrator), & 5 more

Thinking Big: Achieving Greatness One Thought at a Time. Do you want to radically disrupt your mindset and think bigger? Do you feel it on your fingertips, just out of reach? Do you find yourself striving to break through the seams to success but just can’t push through the box you live in? Zig Ziglar (Author, Narrator), Les Brown (Author, Narrator), Larry Iverson (Author, Narrator), Laura Stack (Author, Narrator), & 6 more

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The Dare Matrix: Unlock the Vault to Release the Vision for Your Life. DARE to unlock the 4 Power Principles of The DARE Matrix to enter a whole new dimension of opportunity, control, and success! Where do you find dreams fulfilled? Where can you realize all of your personal and professional expectations? You find them beyond your everyday actions. Just outside of your comfort zone. Somewhere that inspires your absolute best,

This course is designed for those who want to learn, develop or improve the skillset required to speak confidently and effectively in front of an audience, whether it is in person, on camera or from the stage. “The 6 Figure Speaker” is an all-encompassing training course for developing and mastering the art of Professional Speaking. This 18-Module Virtual Training Course is delivered over 2 consecutive weeks through a sequence of online video modules delivered daily. The course covers everything from powerful speech preparation methods and techniques for overcoming fear, to vocal techniques and strategies for negotiating speaker contracts.

The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library

So, what is it about Jim Rohn that has made him so tremendously effective in teaching others how to become so massively successful? The answer is he has a unique way of helping you discover that you are so much more capable and powerful than you have ever imagined. Jim's own rise from rags to riches has been well documented and his list of students reads like a Who's Who of top achievers.

Study the science of achievement through the wisdom of the world's leading motivational speaker, Les Brown. In this collection of live keynote speeches, Les Brown's straight-from-the-heart approach will change your belief in what you can achieve. This popular collection of audio recordings includes Les Brown's most powerful speeches. You'll have unlimited access to his timeless insights and discover how to live the life of your dreams. You have greatness within you; it merely takes persistence to let it unfold.